Business Coaching


Although companies must continue to prioritize financial productivity, many now realize that technical and intellectual abilities are only part of the equation. Many now recognize that if a person is able to broaden his/her consciousness, this will improve their performance and their relationships with their colleagues and clients, leading to excellent results for his company. This Business Coaching course involves the deployment of advanced coaching techniques to meet the challenges of the business world.


ICI from the International Association of Coaching Institutes

Directed towards:

Coaches who wish to specialize in business issues, to guarantee high-level results and productivity.


The course is taught using experiential learning and guided exercises in a way that allows participants to immediately assimilate the content.
The course is participative and reflective. It combines learning conceptual information together with practical individual and group exercise techniques, encouraging reflection, coexistence and a sense of camaraderie in participants.


48 hours of teacher-led and experiential classes
14 hours of practical application

Passing the course:

The participant must maintain a minimum of 85% attendance to pass.


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