Emotional Consciousness and Neuroscience applied to Personal and Professional Well-being


Facilitate and promote the incorporation of concepts and tools provided by emotional intelligence through neuroscience. Motivate reaching desired results as well as effective personal and professional relationships. Promote well-being in different areas of life.

Specific Objectives of the program:

  • Facilitate tips on the relationship between brain and behavior.
  • Become aware of emotional conduct: emotions.
  • Help participants identify emotional strategies.
  • Strengthen participants’ emotional awareness and learn to manage it consciously. 
  • Provide participants the opportunity of recognizing their own emotionality and present techniques to transform their energy into creativity and fuel for creating goals.
  • Explore information on neuro-scientific discoveries and how to use them to improve well-being in any area the participant chooses. 


It is based on the learning process through an action that facilitates change in real time. This is because thinking and doing are not separate. An overview of the process: 

  • Significant experiences are created through the implication of the totality of a person (mind, body, and spirit).
  • Group exercises and activities in the classroom.
  • Conveyance activities and group as well as individual homework assignments.
  • Use of activation dynamics related to specific objectives.
  • Accelerated learning process techniques.
  • Neuronal exercise.

The theoretical basis is structured around tools used in disciplines related to Advanced Human Technology. The following are key elements necessary to success:

  1. Focus on the objective.
  2. Sensorial acuity.
  3. Behavioral flexibility.


16 academic hours .


Complete and sign application form and contract.

Requirements to pass:

  • Attendance to all classes
  • Real life studies

Identification of situations where the participant will create a plan of action and apply material learned.