Impulses of Action (Emotions in action)


  • For a Coach, Mentor, and Practicant it is important to be permanently updated in terms of the different techniques, models, or currents in order to perfect one’s professional practice.
  • Likewise, it is indispensable for a Coach, Practitioner, or Master to undergo experiences that allow them to augment their personal development and elevate their level of awareness.
  • The Workshop “Impulses of Action” offers a unique opportunity to deepen the comprehension of emotions and acquire new tools and experiences through guided exercises.

Directed to

  • Coaches, Mentors, Practitioners or Master Practitioners of NLP.


  • Deepen and improve knowledge of models for a personal understanding of emotions.
  • Augment techniques and models for Coaching, Mentoring, and NLP practice.
  • Master disciplines conducive of better emotional equilibrium.
  • Acquire advanced knowledge for professional development.


  • 1 day