Neurolinguistic Hypnosis (NLH)


  • Under the “Neurolinguistic Hypnosis” model, hypnosis is a natural complement to the communicational development of good Coaching, Mentoring, therapy, or NLP practicants.  
  • Through this model, coaches, mentors, psychologists or practicants of NLP will be able to optimize their scope and use of techniques, allowing them to reach levels of excellency when undergoing changes.
  • Based on the concepts of Ericksonian Clinical Hypnosis, Classical Hypnosis, and Neurolinguistic Programming.


  • Be able to employ trance states using different Coaching and NLP tools and techniques in order to make changes in people.

Directed to

  • Professional human development Coaches or mentors.
  • Therapists or psychologists. 
  • People who wish to improve their practice of Coaching, Mentoring, or NLP through the effective use of hypnotic communication.


  • 3 days