Neuroscience Applied to Coaching


Participants of this course will learn techniques that will provide emotional development and equilibrium. This course will also present an understanding of neuroscience to strengthen the utilization of their best instrument of survival in the businessworld: their brain.


  • This course is a transformational learning process; it is theoretical and experiential. The participant will learn deactivation techniques for emotional memories and limiting beliefs related to finances that generate a disbalance in business and interpersonal relations. The deactivation techniques will result in a development of Emotional Intelligence. 
  • Provide the participant the ability to deactivate the “autopilot” of their brain where decision-making may not be optimal. Deactivating autopilot will result in rational control and strengthening competencies.
  • In this course, the participant will learn how the application of Neuroscience can help improve company, business, and school performance, as well as in life in general. 

Directed to:

Directors, managers, administrators, business owners, coaches, teachers, healthcare professionals, and people that have an interest in promoting liberation of emotions through applied Neuroscience. 

Program of Study and methodology:

  • 24 hours of class time attendance.
  • Individual and small group assignments.
  • A methodology of active participation is used during class time.


  • Some concepts of Neuroscience:
    • Theory of the three brains
    • Reptilian brain
    • Emotional brain
    • Rational brain
  • The three brains in the Nefesh System of Therapy - NST
    • The keys of body and mind
    • Neurovascular keys
    • Occipital and forehead point
    • The linguistic key
  • Transform Inherited Laws and Personal Laws


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