Trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming


Deepen and expand NLP abilities through the reinforcement of Master Practitioner techniques for maximum effectiveness and mastery for teaching. 

Learn abilities of emotional state management that allow the student to feel comfortable in different instances of teaching.


  • Offer an opportunity of training for those that want to train other groups of people, Practitioners, and Master Practitioners in Neurolinguistic Programming.
  • Present tools and structures necessary for the planification and preparation of NLP courses and workshops.
  • Generate an atmosphere of personal growth and development so that participants find and strengthen their own authenticity as trainers, increasing their level of confidence during presentations.

Directed to

  • People who have successfully passed the International Community of NLP’s  Master Practitioner course and the International Association of NLP Institute IN’s course or another program that complies with ICNLP’s and IN’s minimum requirements. 


  • Application.
  • Interview.
  • Complete personal questionnaire and contract.
  • Pass the written evaluation on NLP.