International Mentoring Certification

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a method by which an individual with experience and skills offers advice, information or guidance to benefit the personal and professional development of another individual. Through our certification, you will find out what mentoring is and what its benefits are. You will be able to develop your role as a mentor and to acquire the key mentoring competences, as well as to learn how to conduct mentoring sessions, and design, implement and coordinate formal mentoring programmes in organisations.


In this training, the participants obtain the tools necessary to become professional mentors, enabling them to guide a process of support, assistance, guidance and orientation focused on obtaining high-level results with their clients, resulting from an effective transfer of experience and knowledge.


  • Coaching and Mentoring International (CMI).
  • HCN.

This certification is aimed at:

  • Professionals from any area or sector who would like to improve their performance in organisations, or those who work at projects or provide advisory to companies and agencies.
  • Professionals who feel motivated to experience a personal change and a change in their work teams.
  • Professionals who look for a highly sophisticated mental training to achieve levels of excellence in their development.


Experiential learning through guided exercises, so that the contents are incorporated immediately.
Participatory and reflective development, combining the internalisation of the conceptual information and practical individual and group exercises which promote reflection, sociability and comradery among the participants.

Academic Programme

  • 48 hours of class and experiential learning
  • 14 hours of practice
  • 18 hours of research and development

Application Process

Complete and sign enrolment form and contract.

Attendance Requirements

85% attendance and above is required to obtain the certification.

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