Neurolinguistic Coaching

To provide participants the necessary tools to become an International Neurolinguistic Coach with the ability to develop the emotional doing, thinking and communicating competencies.

Addressed at:

  • People interested in making changes to its personal and/or professional life.
  • People looking for opportunities for personal growth and interpersonal space.
  • Professionals and executives from businesses of any size who are employed in human resources or managerial roles.
  • Entrepreneurs, professionals and students looking to improve their performance, concentration or interpersonal skills.
  • Anyone looking for a career change and/or to strengthen their role as a consultant to businesses, institutions or individuals.
  • Practitioners and Master Practitioners of NLP.
  • Ontological Coaches.

Study Program:
72 hours of on-site classes

How to apply:
Please complete and sign the enrolment form and contract.

Successful completion of the program will require a minimum attendance of 85%

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