Human Coaching Network

HCN is a people-centered global organization inspired by our commitment to help people grow. We provide a high quality, multi-level structured program for your personal and professional development.

We live in a dynamic world where people are becoming increasingly self-aware in their search to find direction and happiness in life. Businesses are learning that technology is not the only way to ensure success in a particular market, but that human capital is becoming increasingly relevant in adding value to organizations. Our proposal is focused on helping people achieve a continuous personal growth.

Why become certified by HCN?

  • HCN provides a staff of professional coaches with wide experience working as facilitators in institutions and companies.
  • For over 20 years, the trainers of the Human Coaching Network (HCN) have been carrying out certifications in most Latin American countries and in Europe.
  • HCN Trainers have ample experience as lecturers and professors in various universities in countries including Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Spain and Denmark.
  • Our Trainers have published books on personal development, coaching, NLP and clinical hypnosis.
  • Our coaches create models and are at the forefront of knowledge and behavioral theories.

We know that each individual learns differently and our programs ensure the growth of all students by offering ongoing webinars, discussions and forums, through which students can also provide feedback, comments and/or suggestions.

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HCN is a global organization of reknowned international coaches, who help people to develop the skills to lead themselves and to build high performance teams in complex, global environments.


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