Standard Qualification HCN WORLD

  • Neurolinguistic Coaching
  • Specialization in Team Coaching
  • Specialization in Executive Coaching
  • Professional Mentoring
  • International Clinical Hypnosis Course
  • Integral Coaching ICI course
  • International NLP Practitioner
  • International NLP Master Practitioner
  • HCN’s Continuing Education Program

It is the combination of two two different but complementary techniques, that, when used together, offer a greater array of possibilities. The Coaching methodology is based on questions. Through adequate, contextual questions that promote action-taking, coaching helps and guides the coachee achieve their objectives. Combined with NLP, this methodology attains greater scopes as it employs habit and behavioral-changing techniques, activates motivation, or develops resources through the basis of other behavioral models of success. Also, because NLP believes language constructs realities, the use of language in neurolinguistic coaching orients all work towards the positive. 


  • Academic Excellence: One obtains a high degree of competence that has been internationally approved and validated.
  • Dynamic group and individual learning.
  • Develop greater awareness of ourselves and environment.
  • Obtain different perspectives to achieve objectives.
  • Develop the motivation and habits for well-being.
  • Gain consciousness of our own limiting beliefs and challenge them.

Course time

The Neurolinguistic Coaching course consists in at least 138 hours: 64 hours of in-person class lectures, 9 hours of Marketing module, 12 hours of Online module, 8 hours of in-person practice, 33 hours of study, and 12 hours for the Project.  

Skills learned in our Neurolinguistic Coaching program: 

  • Apply and reflect upon fundamental coaching skills: observe, listen, ask questions, share observations, challenge, establish tasks, create a good relationship with the coachee, monitor own mental state. 
  • Utilize and reflect upon the individual, team, and organization’s systemic perspectives. 
  • Apply and reflect upon the difference between coaching and being a coach. 
  • The capability of structuring individual sessions and global processes. 

This course gives participants the necessary tools to become a Team Coach. They will learn how to strengthen collective output and develop autonomy and responsibility logically and measurably, so that the operational result greatly exceeds the sum of its parts. They will also generate processes of group empowerment and thus create high-performance teams.  


  • Discover group patterns that hinder the communication and decision-making process within a business context. 
  • Learn to generate individual and group reflections through Just in time interventions. 
  • Obtain a different perspective that allows you to ask systemic questions. 
  • Generate environments that promote focused creativity on problem-solving as well as product and services innovation. 
  • Help the team have more assertive, constructive, and effective conversations. 
  • Generate self-directed group feedback. 
  • Clarify roles, expectations, and group orders and requests in team subsystems. 
  • Establish autonomous game rules and effective team-delegation mechanisms. 
  • Promote multiculturalism. 

Course time 

The Team Coaching course consists of at least 126 hours: 73 hours of in-person class lectures, 41 hours of study and practice, 12 hours for the Project and Professional Practice. 

Course Requirements 

  • Completion and certification from any of these programs: 
    • HCN World’s (138 hour) Neurolinguistic Coaching course 
    • HCN World’s (209 hour) Integral Coaching course 
    • Certification of Coaching course (at least 120 hours), this will require an interview with one of HCN World’s academic personnel. 

With this program one obtains tools necessary to help develop work skills for business owners, directors, managers, and executives by giving them methodologies in leadership and teamwork.

This course presents the tools necessary to become an Executive Coach who is capable of carrying out a process of support and orientation focused on results and prepares high-level Executives and Entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.  

Course time 

  • The Executive Coaching course consists of at least 126 hours: 72 hours of in-person class lectures, 41 hours of study and practice, and 12 hours for the Project. 

Course Requirements 

  • Completion and certification from any of these programs: 
    • HCN World’s (138 hour) Neurolinguistic Coaching course 
    • HCN World’s (209 hour) Integral Coaching course 
    • Certification of Coaching course (at least 120 hours), this will require an interview with one of HCN World’s academic personnel.

Mentoring is a personal developmental process, where one person (the mentor) not only transfers experiential information to another person (the mentee), but also establishes a relationship which allows the mentee to discover their full potential for success. 

In this course, one obtains the tools necessary to become a Professional Mentor who is capable of carrying out a process of support, companionship, and guidance and orientation that is focused on obtaining high-level results with clients, while also transferring their knowledge and experience efficiently. 

Course time 

  • The Professional Mentoring course consists of at least 107 hours: 54 hours of in-person class lectures, 41 hours of study and practice, and 12 hours for the Project.  

In this program one learns the tools necessary to become a Specialist in clinical hypnosis, the capability to detect, understand, and utilize essential hypnosis skills, as well as the use and application of trance states. The clinical hypnosis specialist has the expertise to work with their client via trance states that allow for personal transformations, such as, for example, resolving problems caused by stress, depression, phobias, fears, cigarette addiction, obesity, among others.

Participants will learn how to manage trance states in order to carry out personal, individual, and group transformations. 

Participants will be capable of using a hypnotic model that will widen their communication and produce significant changes in people. 

Course time 

  • The Clinical Hypnosis course consists of at least 180 hours: 160 hours of in-person class lectures, 20 hours of in-class and professional practice. 

This course presents the tools necessary to become ICI Integral Coaches, capable of expanding their range of action and reflection within an environment of values and beliefs that will help achieve better results in their personal and professional life. 

This training will allow for you to grow and develop individually or within an organization or efficiently lead work teams or become external consultants by strengthening the ability to achieve client goals. 

At the end of the course, after completing intense training, participants will have increased speed in mental processes and will be capable of:  

  • Understanding reality from different conscious and subconscious perspectives. 
  • Formulating innovative work plans that change societal paradigm and in this way obtain excellent results. 
  • Asking questions directed towards changes and discoveries that allow people to take action. 
  • Developing and using your intuition based on knowledge of the subconscious mind. 
  • Listening effectively, so that people achieve harmonious understanding that facilitates relationships of trust. 
  • Developing your own style of coaching. 
  • Building trust with your clients and generating common strategies. 
  • Clarifying client goals so that they are congruent with their values. 
  • Knowing how to identify and challenge limiting beliefs. 
  • Helping clients go beyond their fears and obstacles, empowering and motivating them to achieve their goals.
  • Optimizing work and planning sessions to obtain greatest impact. 
  • Helping the client design their future and long-term goals. 
  • Successfully managing teams or group of people.
  • Becoming leaders, both in your professional and personal lives. 
  • Increasing your income, due to the acknowledgement of existing realities within different scenarios in which you find yourself, you will have a more complete understanding in how to reposition yourself and in that way achieve your goals and objectives. 

Course time 

The Integral Coaching course is composed of 11 modules with a total of 220 hours and includes in-person and online classes and activities as well as in-person lectures and exercises. Ten hours of supervised practice sessions for each participant. In these instances, the student will have the opportunity to practice acquired skills. Four hours of final sessions, in which the student will be evaluated individually as part of the requirements to pass the course. During the program, students will get into groups of 7 or 8 and will be led by a Senior Coach, who will take on the role of a Mentor during the program, monitoring their level of development and learning. All In-person Group Meetings (26 hours), In-person Group Presentations (10 hours), Supervised Practice Sessions (10 hours) will be scheduled for two different times, from which each group of students will be able to pick what best accommodates them, so as to complete required hours for each category.  

The International Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner course delivers the models and tools necessary to systemically help your client, by setting forth objectives, goals, projects, etc. The student will learn more about themselves by gaining complete self-awareness of their internal states. This will facilitate their interpersonal relationships, which they could transfer onto their clients through different techniques. 

This program aims to instill NLP concepts and models in their participants in order for them to produce changes in third parties and themselves. 

Based on an ultra perception of their own and other’s internal states, participants will learn to incorporate NLP concepts in their behavior, while respecting other’s vision of the world and demonstrating flexibility in behavior. 

They will also learn to resolve internal conflicts to better communicate assertively and congruently, and quickly and effectively modify internal states. 

Course time 

  • International Certification for the NLP Practitioner course is composed of 144 hours in total: 128 hours of in-person class lectures, 16 hours of Practice in class and professional practice.

With this course you can learn and delve more into concepts, consequently attain mastery of its techniques, and reach the Master level of Neurolinguistic Programming. This level provides you the abilities to incorporate and develop techniques through the study of systems, modeling, and advanced NLP strategies

During the process, participants will learn to: 

  • Generate individual designs for their interventions. 
  • Develop the Language of NLP conversational patterns. 
  • Carry out ecological interventions. 
  • Make a clear distinction between technique and content in NLP work. 
  • Maintain state of own resources through anchors, perceptual positions, and physiological interventions. 
  • Develop the ability to identify physiological clues.  

Course time 

  • The International NLP Master Practitioner course is composed of 144 hours in total, 128 hours of in-person class lectures, and 16 hours of classroom and professional practice. 

Course Requirements  

  • Completion and certification from any of these programs: 
    • HCN World’s NLP Practitioner course.
    • NLP certification of at least 140 hours, this will require an interview with one of HCN World’s academic personnel. 

This is a space designed for the expansion of more in-depth knowledge on professional models offered by HCN World.

HCN’s Continuing Education Program consist of at least 8 hours of in-class training to a maximum of 64 hours, which are then analyzed and approved by HCN World’s academic committee.