False coaching in circulation

This summer I went to the biggest pedestrian-street in Copenhagen and passed a shoe shop where there was a sign in the window. They searched for a shoe-coach, and to me it has become a picture of coaching's development over recent years.


Internal freedom - Necrologist of Mandela

One of the world's most important models has left this world.

Nelson Mandela is celebrated by everyone from township residents to heads of state, and it is fully deserved. Had he lived 2,000 years ago, Jesus had had competition and it is not clear who had won.


Are you present when you are with your children?

The other day I was sitting with a bunch of lovely people who had a common challenge.

When they were with their children, they often did not experience being present. Instead, "spent the time" to consider tomorrow's tasks or think about what should be done for dinner. They would like to change that.


Leader, go for the gold!

For the past 30 years, elite athletes around the world have used Mental training to move the last step from silver to gold podium.

Danish leaders - with the risk of generalization - have a significantly greater opportunity for development than the elite sports people have, because for everyday habits and challenges, too many leaders make the silver podium unattainable.


Phobia-free with warranty!

What is a phobia?

A phobia is an exaggerated and often irrational attack on objects or situations. The characteristic of the phobia is that the phobia hit can see that the fear is irrational, but it does not matter. The phobia may also "grow" over time, so the anxiety reaction is experienced to worsen.


Do you sleep too badly?

If you find that you sleep badly at night, you are not alone. While lying in the night and frustrated not to fall asleep again, you share the experience with about two million other Danes. More than four out of ten Danes have slept badly for the past two weeks, but what can you do when you lie there?


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